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Hornet – Helicopter Portable RC Drill

MPP’s helicopter portable RC (reverse circulation) drill, the Hornet was developed for drilling programs in remote areas. The Hornet features a 45 HP Kubota diesel engine, top drive assembly with a hollow/floating spindle and a modular design. The rig can be broken down into modules that weigh less than 1200 lbs. and are compact enough to fit into a small fixed-wing aircraft.


  • Lightweight modular design
  • No module over 1250 lbs.
  • Ideal for early-stage exploration
  • Available booster package for deeper holes


Hornet__Helicopter_Portable_RC_Drill-2.jpg Hornet__Helicopter_Portable_RC_Drill-4.jpg Hornet__Helicopter_Portable_RC_Drill-6.jpg Hornet__Helicopter_Portable_RC_Drill-7.jpg Hornet__Helicopter_Portable_RC_Drill-5.jpg Hornet__Helicopter_Portable_RC_Drill-3.jpg Hornet__Helicopter_Portable_RC_Drill-1.jpg
Depth Capacities: Based on 300 CFM / 200 PSI compressor
3-1/2" (89mm) 330 ft / 100 m*
  *Depending on ground conditions
Prime mover
Model: Kubota V1505T, 4 cylinder, turbo charged diesel engine
Power: 44.2 HP @ 3000 RPM
Top drive rotation unit:
Max torque: 1500 lbs /ft
RPM: 0-120 RPM
Spindle: Floating w/ NSE2-7/8" Reconn thread
Rotation motor: Char-Lynn 6K series
Design: Cylinder feed
Pullback: 16,200 lbs.
Pulldown: 8250 lbs.
Feed stroke: 84"
Working angle: 45 to 90 degree
Design: Combination air inlet/sample discharge
Discharge: HD 2" Gooseneck assy.
Design: Fully hydraulic, no electronics, open loop
Capacity: 20 GPM
System pressure: 3000 PSI
Filtration: 10 micron
Components: Sauer Danfoss, Char-Lynn & Parker
Heat exchanger: Air:oil
Control panel
Panel: Feed, rotate, setup functions, & E-stop
Gauges: Rotation, holdback & air pressure
Water Injection Pump
Max flow: 9 GPM
Max pressure: 550 PSI
Drill Table/BOP
Opening: 4-1/2"
Accessories: Sample cyclone, air needle, saver sub, discharge/pressure hose
Drill/Feed frame: 1250 lbs.
Power unit: 950 lbs.
Compressor package
Booster package
RAB package
Track mounted
Sample splitting equipment