hydraulic, pneumatic & industrial


Design_at_Multi-Power_Products_Kelowna-1.jpgThe Multi-Power Engineering department consists of 6 employees, with various backgrounds and experience. While the primary focus is on the continuing development of the drilling equipment that Multi-power sells, the company has taken on many different projects in the past, from mill foil barges, jib cranes, sluicing gates, inching drives, lubrication systems and many more. The engineering department utilizes the most up to date 3D software and analysis tools to produce top-quality manufacturing drawings. An interactive design approach is used to keep the customer informed and involved throughout the design process. The 3D modelling allows the customer to see what the end product will look like before a single piece of material is cut. All Projects are designed and manufactured within Multi-Power's facility, allowing for instant communication between design and manufacturing departments, resulting in a superior product completed on time and budget. Top-level assembly drawings, hydraulic and electrical schematics are created for all projects and provided to the end customer along with comprehensive operation manuals facilitating easy ordering of replacement parts when necessary.