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Discovery UG 125 HP – Underground Diamond Core Drill

MPP’s underground diamond core drill. The drill features a 125 HP power unit, 20,000 lbs. Feed frame and a portable, trailer mounted the control panel. The feed frame can be positioned to drill all angles, vertically down, horizontal and vertically up. The base frame’s turntable feature allows for multiple holes to drilled from one set-up. With the optional compact mast and power unit sizes, the Discovery UG is ideal for all underground work.


  • 125 HP (90kW) power unit

  • 360-degree turntable base frame

  • Over 20,000 lbs push and pullback

  • HWL chuck and footclamp


UG_discover_7.jpg UG_discover_6.jpg UG_discover_5.jpg UG_discover_4.jpg UG_discover_3.jpg UG_discover_2.jpg UG_discover_1.jpg
DEPTH CAPACITIES: Based on max pullback and a 25% safety factor
B 3650 ft / 1112 m

N 2925 ft / 891 m
H 2000 ft / 609 m
Standard Unit: WEG electric motor (TEFC)
Power: 125 HP @ 1780 RPM
Voltage: 230 / 460 V 60 Hz 3 Phase*
*Alternate voltage available upon request 
Rotation unit:
Standard unit B20 drill head c/w 12HH chuck
Maximum opening: 3-1/2" (H size)
RPM: 1400 RPM
Torque: 2100 ft lbs
Chuck: 26,000 lbs capacity
Hydraulic motor: Rexroth 160cc variable speed/torque piston motor
Gear ratios: 3.0:1 & 5.4:1
Optional unit XP drill head w/ Christensen chuck
Maximum opening: 4-5/8" (P size)
RPM: 1400 RPM
Torque: 4560 ft lbs
Chuck: 40,000 lbs capacity
Gear ratios: 6.27:1, 3.12:1, 1.75:1, & 1:1
Standard unit 12HH hydraulic open/spring closed
Maximum opening: 3-1/2" (H size)
Optional unit 12HH 4-5/8" (P size)
Mast and Feed:
Feed stroke: 60"
Pullback: 20,433 lbs
Pulldown: 20,433 lbs
Drill angle: 360 degree (All positive and negative hole angles)
Mast extension: 10 ft rod pull capacity
Mast dump: 48"
Base frame: 360 degree turntable design
Water Pump :
Standard unit W1122B-CD (435) piston pump
Capacity: 37 GPM @ 1000 PSI
Winch Assembly:
Wireline winch Hydraulic motor direct drive
Capacity: 3000 ft of 3/16" cable
Power Unit Module:
Design: Steel framed trailer mount
Wheels: (2) Removable pnuematic tires
Towing: Removable tow bar w/ leveling hand jack
Hydraulic connections: Flush face quick couplers
Hydraulic system:
Controls: Fully hydraulic, no electronics
Rod handling: Sychronized chuck & footclamp w/ chuck & clamp control
System pressure: 4000 PSI
Filtration: 10 micron
Components: Sauer Danfoss, Valvoil, Rexroth & Parker
Heat exchanger: Water:oil
Cooling option: Air:oil heat exchanger
Included components:
Mud mixer c/w whip lines
3000 ft of W/L cable
1 set of rod and casing jaws/bushings
WEIGHT8398 lbs.
Tracked carrier
Level wind winch
Mud tank
French/Spanish labels & manual