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MPP Heli-Booster

MPP’s lightweight, helicopter portable booster assembly. The MPP Heli-Booster is a hydraulically driven unit that features a booster module and a power unit module. Designed to operate with our helicopter portable RC/RAB drills, the MPP Heli-Booster provides a solution for high-pressure air requirements in a lightweight package. The 3-cylinder booster pump is capable of output pressures to 500 PSI and capacity for up to 650 CFM. Featuring a simple, easy to operate and maintain design, the Heli-Booster is ideal for remote exploration drilling sites.


  • Lightweight, helicopter portable design

  • Output pressures up to 500 PSI

  • Can be run with Booster power unit or rig’s hydraulics

  • Easy to operate and maintain

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MPP Heli-Booster Specifications:
Booster type: Kaeser N1100 3 cylinder
Max inlet pressure: 200 PSI
Max outlet pressure: 500 PSI
Capacity: 650 CFM
Inlet connection: 1-1/2” NPT
Outlet connection: 1-1/2” NPT
Pre-cooling: Hydraulic driven air cooler
Max ambient operating temperature: 40 Deg. C
Modes: Boosting & bypass
Shifting: 12V hydraulic shift
Water separator: Walker 2” separator filter
Safety valve: 600 PSI setting
Dimensions: 32” W x 63” L x 42” HT
Weight: 1296 lbs.
MPP Heli-Booster V2403T Power Unit Specifications:
Prime mover: Kubota V2403T diesel engine
Power: 59 HP @ 2700 RPM
Hydraulic pump: Piston type w/ load sense and pressure comp.
Output: 27 GPM @ 3000 PSI
Filtration: 10 micron
Cooling: Air cooler, nested
Connections: A, B, LS and Case – All quick connects
Fuel tank: 14 gallon
Frame: Steel construction w/ lifting points
Dimensions: 30” W x 60” L x 40” HT
Weight: 1230 lbs.