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MPP Level Wind Winch

MPP now offers a line of self spooling wireline winches. Used primarily on diamond drills, the winches feature a self-reversing screw and fairlead assembly. The self-reversing screw and fairlead assembly allow the winch to safely and efficiently spool wireline cable. Available in 4000 ft. and 6000 ft. capacities, the winches can be utilized on most helicopter portable and/or deep hole diamond drills.


  • Safe, hands-free cable spooling

  • Winches can be adapted to most rigs

  • Robust, simple design

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Discovery_Series_Level_Wind_Winch_1_600x445.jpg Discovery_Series_Level_Wind_Winch_2_600x445.jpg Discovery_Series_Level_Wind_Winch_3_600x445.jpg Titan_Series_Level_Wind_Winch_1_600x445.jpg Titan_Series_Level_Wind_Winch_2_600x445.jpg LEVEL_WIND_WINCH_MPP-001-545_web.jpg TITAN_SERIES_LEVEL_WIND_001-6835_web.jpg
Discovery Series Level Wind Winch - 4000 ft. Capacity Specifications:
Cable Capacity 4000 feet
Pull Capacity (empty) 3105 lbf
Pull Capacity (full) 1385 lbf
Weight (empty) 285 lbs.
Recommended hydraulic flow & pressure 20 GPM @ 2500 PSI
Titan Series Level Wind Winch - 6000 ft. Capacity Specifications:
Cable Capacity 6000 feet
Pull Capacity (empty) 7350 lbf
Pull Capacity (full) 1955 lbf
Weight (empty) 485 lbs.
Recommended hydraulic flow & pressure 30 GPM @ 3000 PSI