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Rod Clamps

MPP’s line of single and double-acting rod “foot” clamps. The clamps are used primarily on diamond core and rotary drills to hold the drill string while making and breaking connections and preventing the rods from dropping down the hole. MPP rod clamps can be adapted to most rigs. The LW single-acting clamp is used on our MP1000 man-portable and Compact UG diamond drills. The LW clamp features a Christensen style single-acting design (spring close / hydraulic open) ideal for rigs with synchronized chuck and clamp. The MP500 double-acting clamp is used on our MP500 man-portable drill. The MP500 clamp has a double-acting cylinder design ideal for any rig that needs a simple, lightweight, easy to adapt clamp.


  • Can be adapted to most drills

  • LW clamp ideal for rigs with synchronized chuck and clamp

  • Simple, easy to repair designs

  • “H” and “P” capacities

Road_Clamp_2.jpg Rod_Clamp_3.jpg Rod_Clamp_4.jpg
MPP LW Rod Clamp Specifications:
Style: Christensen style hydraulic open / spring close
Max opening: 3-1/2” “H” rod
Holding capacity: 21,300 lbs.
Components: High strength alloy steel w/ nitrogen treated wear parts
Bushings: Top bushing available in “A” B” “N” and “H” rod sizes
Weight: 152 lbs.
MPP MP500 Rod Clamp Specifications::
Style: Hydraulic cylinder open and close
Max opening: 4-1/2” “P” rod
Holding capacity: 15,000 lbs.
Components: High strength alloy steel, simple design
Bushings: Top bearing stabilizer w/ “A” B” “N” and “H” rod bushings
Weight: 120 lbs.