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Geopower – Excavator Mounted Geotech Drill

MPP’s excavator mounted Geopower drill, was developed for geotechnical and multi-purpose drilling requirements. The rig can easily be adapted to mount on most mid sized excavators. Featuring our PII top drive with high speed coring option, the Geopower excavator mounted drill can be used for auger, air rotary/odex and diamond core drilling. An SPT auto hammer, hydraulic head slide winch and auto hammer mounting arm are all standard features ideal for typical geotechnical work. The Geopower excavator mounted drill mast is a simple, efficient unit and an inexpensive alternative to a complete drill.


  • Can be mounted on most mid-sized excavators
  • Multi-purpose geotechnical machine – Auger, diamond core & air rotary
  • Auto hammer, winch, hydraulic head slide all standard components
  • Inexpensive alternative to full drill rig


Geopower__Excavator_Mounted_Geotech_Drill-1.jpg Geopower__Excavator_Mounted_Geotech_Drill-2.jpg Geopower__Excavator_Mounted_Geotech_Drill-3.jpg Geopower__Excavator_Mounted_Geotech_Drill-4.jpg Geopower__Excavator_Mounted_Geotech_Drill-5.jpg
Depth Capacities 
Geotechnical Auger depths
4-1/2" Solid stem auger: 200 ft / 60 m
6-5/8" Hollow stem auger: 75 ft / 23 m
Air rotary/Odex depths
3-1/2" air rotary: 660 ft / 200 m
Diamong drilling depths
N/WL: 2000 ft / 605 m
Required machine size: 25,000 lbs. +
Recommended auxilary hydraulics: 30 GPM @ 3000 PSI
Top drive rotation unit
Style: PII - Multi-Purpose Top Drive
Max torque low speed: 2000 lbs /ft
Max torque high speed: 265 lbs / ft
Max RPM low speed: 175 RPM
Max RPM high speed: 875 RPM
Spindle: Floating w/ NWJ box connection
Transmission: Hydraulic shift, 2 speed
Gear ratios: 1:1 & 3.46:1
Rotation motor: Variable displacement piston 80cc
Head slide: Hydraulic head slide
Water swivel: High pressure/high speed water swivel
U-joint: HD U-joint assembly w/ 1-5/8" hex
Mast and Feed
Design: Cylinder and chain feed
Pullback: 15,000 lbs.
Pulldown: 10,600 lbs.
Feed stroke: 150"
Working angle: 45 to 90 degree
Mast dump: 40" Stroke, 21,200 lbs. pull
Slug weight: 140 lbs.
Hammer travel dinstance: 30"
Percussion rate: 0-50 blows per minute
Mounting: Sliding bracket w/ swing in/out design
WATER PUMP (optional)
Standard unit: E0413C FM piston pump
Capacity: 20 GPM @ 700 PSI
Design: Rotzler TH1 planetary style w/ fail safe brake
Pull: 2200 lbs.
Capacity: 100 ft x 1/4" cable
Control panel
Panel: Feed, rotate, water pump, SPT hammer control and setup functions
Gauges: Rotation, feed/holdback & air/water pressure
Safety:  Emergency stop
Design: Two hydraulic cylinder & jaw / Bolt-on, removable design
Clamping force:  20,000 lbs.
Max opening: 6 - 1/4"
Clamping range: 2" - 6-1/4"
4500 lbs.