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MPP SPT Auto Hammer

MPP now offers a hydraulic-driven, fully automatic Standard Penetration Test (SPT) drop hammer. Using a 140 lbs driving force (slug) dropped from 30 inches, the hammer provides a consistent and accurate blow count. The hammer is available as a standalone winch line unit or a swing-arm mounted style. Both configurations are adaptable to almost any rig. The fully enclosed, hydraulic motor driven hammer is much safer than traditional manual SPT techniques. The simple, robust design keeps productivity high and maintenance to a minimum. We offer mounting and hydraulic connection kits for all MPP rig models as well as common competitive machines.


  • Reliable, accurate testing (140 lbs x 30” drop)

  • Simple, bulletproof design

  • Safety - all moving parts enclosed in hammer’s case

  • Can be adapted to most rigs (geotechnical, diamond core, rotary)

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SPT Auto Hammer Specifications:
Slug weight 140 lbs
Hammer travel distance 30"
Percussion rate 0-50 blows per minute (adjustable)
Required hydraulic flow 5-12 GPM
Required hydraulic pressure 2500 PSI