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Multi-Sonic MS-75 Track Mounted Sonic Drill

MPP’s new track-mounted sonic drill. This is the first rig in our Multi-Sonic line. The MS-75 features a compact, low impact design, powerful 160 HP Cummins diesel, rod handler and a 75 Hz MiniSonic drill head. The rig is ideal for geotechnical and environmental drilling projects. With the available auto hammer & swing arm, progressive cavity grouting pump and mine safety guarding the MS-75 can be utilized for geotechnical, environmental, mining and construction applications.


  • Compact & Low impact - Small Footprint & Rubber Track Undercarriage
  • Powerful - 160 HP Cummins Power Unit
  • Safe – Rod handler & Guarding
  • Fast & Efficient – Sonic Drilling Technology Provides a Fast, Accurate Sample


Track_Mounted_Sonic_Drill-1.jpg Track_Mounted_Sonic_Drill-2.jpg Track_Mounted_Sonic_Drill-3.jpg Track_Mounted_Sonic_Drill-5.jpg Track_Mounted_Sonic_Drill-4.jpg
Depth Capacities*: 
4.75" (121 mm) 255 ft / 78 m
6" (152 mm) 200 ft / 61 m
7" (178 mm) 170 ft / 52 m
8" (203 mm) 150 ft / 45 m
  *Depending on ground conditions
Prime mover
Model: Cummins QSB4.5, 4 cylinder, turbo charged diesel engine
Power: 160 HP @ 2200 RPM
Rotation unit / Oscillator:
Model: MiniSonic
Frequency range: 0-75 Hz
Output force @ 75 Hz: 41,000 lbs.
Max torque: 1700 ft-lbs.
Rotation speed: 0-80 RPM.
Track package
Model: Morooka MST-800 rubber tracked undercarriage
Design: Hyd. driven piston motors, spring brake, Brevini final drive
Speed: 3 km/h
Max grade: 86% / 39 degree
Control: Radio remote w/ manual control on rig
Break-out clamp
Style: Two hydraulic clamp "double break-out" system
Max opening: 12"
Clamping force: 30,000 lbs.
Breaking torque: 25,000 ft-lbs.
Design: Chain over cylinder feed
Pullback: 15,000 lbs.
Pulldown: 10,600 lbs.
Feed stroke: 14 ft.
Working angle: 45 to 90 degree
Rod pull: 10 ft / 3 m lengths
Tilting head: 30 degree side tilt
Mast dump: 48" travel
Rod handler
Style: Front mounted, two clamp system
Max clamping diameter: 12"
Rod length: 10 ft / 3 m
Design: Fully hydraulic, no electronics, open and closed loop
System pressure: 4500 PSI
Filtration: 10 micron
Heat exchanger: Air:oil
Ambient temperature rating: 50 Deg C (122 Deg F)
Coolers: Hydraulic driven fan
Control panel
Engine control: Complete engine control - ignition, throttle, tach, safety shut-downs
Drill control: Control handles for all drilling functions
Water control: Water "tree" w/ gauge and shut-offs
E-stops: (2) E-stop included
Drive control: Control valves for manual LH & RH track control
Design: TH1 planetary style w/ fail safe brake
Pull: 2200 lbs.
Capacity: 100 ft x 1/4" cable
Water pump
Model: W1122BCD (435) Piston pump
Max flow: 37 GPM
Max pressure: 1000 PSI
Drill deck
Stabilizers: (4) Hydraulic stabilizers
Fuel tank capacity: 50 gallon
Storage: Multiple tool boxes
Auto hammer (Optional)
Hammer weight: 140 lbs.
Complete assy. Weight: 323 lbs.
Hammer travel distance: 30"
Percussion rate: 0-50 blows per minute
Mounting arm: Hydraulic swing in / out
Grout pump (Optional)
Model: Continental 3CL4 progressive cavity pump
Max flow: 14 GPM
Max pressure: 225 PSI
27,000 lbs.