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Wet Sampler Splitter - Rotary

Ideal for wet drill samples, MPP’s Wet Sample Splitter is used to accurately reduce large drilling samples. The MPP Wet Sample Splitter has 24 louvers and 12 removable louvER covers. In total, 12 louvers run to one discharge outlet and 12 the secondary outlet. With the removable louver covers there are many split ratios. With the covers you can split 100:0, 50:50, 25:75, 0:100 etc. A hydraulic motor and flow control maintains a consistent, adjustable rotary function.


  • 24 louver openings w/ 12 removable louver covers
  • Removable louver covers allow the ability to customizes your required split for example 50/50, 25/75 etc.
  • Hydraulic motor, speed control, whip hoses and quick couplers
  • Four adjustable mounting legs
Wet_Sampler_Splitter_-_Rotary-1.jpg Wet_Sampler_Splitter_-_Rotary-2.jpg Wet_Sampler_Splitter_-_Rotary-3.jpg
MPP Wet Sample Splitter - Rotary Specifications:
Sample Reduction: Multiple ratios
Discharge: 6" discharge outlet, 4" sample outlet
Louvers: 24 louvers /w 12 removable covers
Rotary: Hyd. Motor w/ flow control, hoses and quick connects
Required Hydraulics: 3-5 GPM @ 1500 PSI
Weight: 185 lbs.